Time Theorem T=1∞
by Joe M. Salvino
Bermuda Dunes, CA

November 21, 2007

I need to preface this article with the acknowledgement that I am not an advanced mathematician, nor a physicist. My intention is to make known a theory I have had since my senior year in high school, 1975. I further want to emphasize that I present this not on a science fiction basis, but as a real possibility and hope that it finds the eyes of professional physicists for review.

I contend that this formula could quite possibly be the ultimate simplistic formula that Einstein had been seeking in his last years to find a single theory so powerful to describe all the workings of the universe (The "Theory of Everything" or “Unification Theory”) Einstein was seeking to explain the universe. I don't go along with the “String Theory” and “Multiple Universe Theory” in that I believe they are over-thought possibilities.

First, I will describe the formula and then describe the basis for my contention.

The formula is T=1∞ , whereby T (time)= 1 to the exponent infinity.

Now I know that at first this seems odd, redundant and whatever as 1∞ only equals 1, but bear with me as it’s not the number 1 that is significant here. I’ll need to back up a little and describe where this all stems from.

Since the early 1970’s there was a lot of publicity on the actual discovery of “Black Holes” and I was intrigued with the concept of them. Primarily, I was caught up in the theory that time can be "warped" in a black hole. At the time, I also wondered if all the mass in the universe could eventually come back to one major black hole, which I believe they have concluded to be quite likely.

I have heard many theories along the lines of what I was thinking and how there could be many alternate universes resulting from re-combining black holes and explosions.

From the basis that we believe our universe started with ONE big bang, and that is was POSSIBLE that all the universe could eventually contract back into ONE big black hole, and IF time was warped in a black hole, then: Could it be possible that when ALL the mass is re-joined into ONE black hole again, that this would be the critical mass and that the master black hole would re-explode to create a universe. . . but here’s my TWIST on it. As time is warped in a black hole, WHAT IF the re-explosion is actually the SAME EVENT as the FIRST explosion ( a re-creation of time, if you will).

And if this were so, the re-explosion is ALWAYS the same event. It happened ONCE, but it happens infinitely. There is no alternate time event, only the one. Interesting, but not exactly on the same lines, I have also come up with several ties to other aspects in our lives. Although I don’t want to make short light of the scientific reasoning to this article, but just for the sake of “what-if” that were actually true. It could be an explanation for déjà vu in that we are experiencing micro time shifts in our existence. And in respect to Christianity; In the beginning there was darkness. . . the black hole? And even possibly an answer to eternal life, although the actuality is that we have but ONE life, and yet an eternal existence in our black-hole circle.

Although I came up with this notion back in the mid-70’s, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I came up with a mathematical description for my theory. I pulled up the notion that if it was true, it would mean that time (T) equals the 1 (one) event of our universe (existance) that occurs infinitely. Thus T=1∞
Now, you finally see the significance of to the

To me, if it truly were the reality of our world, the formula describes it accurately and SIMPLY. I think the formula is beauty in it's simplicity, and powerful in it's dynamics. Would Einstein have agreed?? It's unfortunate that at the time of his death, more was not known of Black Holes, or he quite possibly may have come to the same observation/theory.

Unfortunately, even IF this theory were true I fail to see how it could ever be proved.

With the fact that I haven’t heard anyone present this notion as yet, I wanted to at least make my theory known. With thanks to the internet, I now have some way to present this theory and hope to hear opinions from others.

November 22, 2007

I had a recent thought today. If
T=1∞ describes time as a whole, could a segment in time therefore be described as S=∞√1 (segment of time equals the infinite root of one) ?